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About Us

The Nangiloc Fishing Club was formed in 2014 by four anglers who wanted to make a difference in the Nangiloc community. The club and the fishing contest is organised and run by a small group of young enthusiastic anglers and would not be able to run without the help of dedicated volunteers from the Nangiloc community.

Since inception in 2014, the team of volunteers has established the club, ran three inaugural Stress Less Fishing Classic competitions and have planned numerous activities to raise funds to support the Nangiloc and surrounding communities.

The club and fishing competition helps to promote safe and sustainable fishing practices in the community as well as to help support, maintain and develop community projects within the region. An example of this is to maintain and develop the Nangiloc recreational center.

Love of Fishing
Love of work
Passion for the Murray

"We are committed to developing community awareness on sustainable fishing practices for a brighter future with the Murray River. "

What we do

Support Nangiloc & surrounding communities

Support Nangiloc & surrounding communities

Maintain and re-develop the Nangiloc community recreational centre.

Promote Sustainable Fishing Practices

Promote Sustainable Fishing Practices

Our goal is to ensure the next generation of kids will be able to love and enjoy the river system like many of us have and will keep doing.
We will do this by, promoting responsible angling at local primary schools, the promotion of responsible and ecologically sustainable recreational fishing practices, improving the general ecological knowledge of recreational anglers and enhancing community awareness regarding aquatic ecosystems and the fish that depend on them.

Create awareness on the aquatic ecosystems

Create awareness on the aquatic ecosystems

Enhance community awareness regarding aquatic ecosystems and the fish that depend on them.

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