Overall the 2017 fishing contest was a great success, we had an extra 80 more contestants than the previous year. The Nangiloc Fishing Club raised $2005 which was donated to C.H.A.I.L.I.S and we also gave away $20,000 worth of prizes in random prizes and other prizes.

Pictures of fish sent in for judgement:

  • 470 Common Carp (Average length 31.2cm)
  • 1 Murray Cod
  • 210 Golden Perch (Average length 38.2cm)

Grants for 2017

Braeden Lampard applied for various grants on behalf of the fishing club to hold various events or to undertake environmental works. These included;

  • National gone fishing day – Hold a catch a carp day
  • Small grant program – Update the Nangiloc football club and fishing club rooms
  • Large habitat action grant – To re-snag the Darling River and Murray River
  • Update access roads and boat ramps within the Nangiloc community
  • Provide information on native fish and fishing practices at boat ramps within the Sunraysia region

Future plans

Here are the future plans for the Nangiloc Fishing Club:

  • Nangiloc football club rooms will also be the Nangiloc Fishing Club rooms
  • Have 1x catch a carp day at Nangiloc
  • To sell Nangiloc Fishing Club general merchandise. We will plan to have polo shirts, beanies and hats
  • To gain members for the fishing club
  • To continue with community work
  • To support the Nangiloc community
  • To continue being successful Fishing Club
  • To continue to support the environment and native fishes through grants

Election of roles

  • Director – Braeden Lampard
  • President – Troy Francis
  • Treasurer – Ryan Burr/Cam Peters
  • Secretary – Marika Lampard/Evan Lampard
  • Committee members – Brodie groves, Caitlin hand, Delainy Chiswell, Cameron Cox, Wade Duncan, Taylar Pay, Brendan Collison, Marnie Freckleton, Sarah Peters.

If anyone requires any information regarding the Nangiloc Fishing Club can you please contact Troy Francis or Braeden Lampard.